The Secret to Getting Massive Traffic to Your Website With Rapidshare

Rapidshare is a popular download site where you can get free files and can share them with other users. It is much like Rapidshare was in the past but some of the features that come with it, such as viral marketing or AdSense are something new that the site can boast about.

Content is often what people use Rapidshare for when they want to share their creations. When you download a file from Rapidshare it will get put into a “Blob” and this is like a file that can be sent to all of your email accounts. This way, if someone else wants to download it they can do so and also keep the file private so only the people they choose to see it can access it.


Private Storage

One of the best features of this service is that they offer private storage. With this you can keep a file private, which means it will only be shared with friends and loved ones. This is nice because when you make a file private it makes it very difficult for others to view it. It also keeps them from using any passwords to view it or even trying to change it for their own purposes.


There is also a huge download database with many files that will make your job of finding them much easier.


There are many different categories that allow you to sort your files by file type, size, popularity and other attributes.

Direct Download

You can use your Rapidshare account to download files directly from other websites and folders on your computer. The download can happen even though the file is still on your computer because of the safety of private files.


Because Rapidshare files are stored encrypted, this makes it even harder for someone to get access to them.

Sign Up

You can also sign up for an account with a friend so they can keep track of various files and folders that you have made. This will make it easier for you to manage your files and folders from another location.

Join Today

File sharing is a big part of the business of making money online and this is one of the biggest features that Rapidshare has to offer. Many other companies offer these services but they are not as convenient or easy to use as the Rapidshare website.